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Monday, June 18, 2007

Canon Rebel XTi 400d review vs. Rebel XT 300d

I own both the the older Canon Rebel XT and the newer Rebel XTi.

I was quite satisfied with the Rebel XT, at 8 megapixels, and such a low price. But when the XTi came out, I had to give it a try. The new 400D is better in these respects:
-10 megapixel (more room to crop)
-larger screen to review picture detail
-Reduced the steps to change settings (no need to press set)

The XTi does have one shortcoming for some. And that is its tendency to underexpose images. If you are a point and shoot type of photographer, that usually shoots in the Full Auto mode (the green box) or in P mode, you'll often find you pictures looking on the darker side. The Rebel XT did not have this issue.
While initially, this really bothered me, I realized that this is a blessing in disguise for those that tend to do post-processing on their pictures anyways! if you open your photos in Photoshop you will have more room to work with when a photo is underexposed a bit, vs. if they are overexposed and the highlights are blown out. This is very useful for wedding photographers who are constantly dealing with bride's white dresses which can be difficult to retain detail and not become a glaring white ensemble.

So, which camera do i end up using more of these days? i'd have to say the rebel XTi, as it gives me a larger file that i can crop and saves me from blown-out highlights. But, if you think you'll be shooting mostly in auto and developing 5x7 prints, the Rebel XT 300d should work just fine for you, and you can save a few hundred dollars!

Hope that helps,


Blogger starlethawaii said...

much mahalo helped me to decipher my decision. i think the xt will do just great for me in the mean time until canon comes up with something even greater. one question though, do the filters for the XT fit on the XTi?


7:26 PM  
Blogger neil said...

I've been using the 400d/XTi for about 2 weeks now, and I love it. Shutter response is very fast, and the LCD is easily readible, even in very bright conditions. The 9 point AF is far superior to the 7 point AF offered on the 300 and 350d models, and the added resolution (10.08 MP) is a nice bonus. The anti-dust protection, particularly the automatic sensor cleaning, is great as I change lenses quite often.

dsi r4

12:31 AM  

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